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Pula Golf Resort

Come to visit and taste the best of Mallorca!

Visit Capdepera’s Castle

The Castle of Capdepera is the most outstanding patrimonial element of the Capdepera municipality and one of the most important cultural and touristic attractions in the area.

Visit Mallorca’s wine cellars

Mallorca’s wine enjoys a reputation of top-quality that is soaring. We help you discover the wines of Mallorca by means of a tour through its best wine cellars.

Visit Mallorca’s tafonas

Extra virgin olive oils with designation of origin are manufactured in Mallorca by means of physical procedures that guarantee the conservation of its best characteristics.

Delicatessen Corner by Pula Golf

Cheese, sobrasada, oil and wine. Delicatessen products from our islands with designation of origin and an artisanal production.

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