Pula Golf Resort, an asset for the planet

At Pula Golf Resort we are constantly working on the design and implementation of Sustainable Development and Social Innovation projects with a measurable and positive impact. We practice the Circular Economy and we are building the path to be pioneers in HRC (Hotel Regeneratiu Competitiu). 

We seek to value the activity we carry out and the impact we generate by doing work to achieve an asset for the planet. Today we will build the future as we had already imagined 25 years ago, when Pula Golf Resort started to trace this path, this way of life.

- Elimination of plastic packaging in the restaurant and golf course and reduction in the rest of the areas.
- Use of solar energy (own installation of solar panels) and green energy (Alcanzia).
- Use of recycled water to irrigate the golf course.
- Charging point for electric vehicles.
- Implementation of geothermal and aerothermal energy in the rooms of the Petit Hotel.
- LED bulbs in all the facilities.
- Ecological garden of 6.000m2 with ducks and chickens (main supplier of S'Era de Pula Restaurant).
- Donation of surpluses from the garden and collaboration with municipal entities.
- Development of sporting activities that promote physical activity and wellbeing.
- Incorporation of biodegradable napkins.
- Ecopacks for cleaning products.
- Private hunting reserve, preservation of fauna and flora.
- Employment equality and non-discrimination.
- Digitalisation and reduction of the use of paper.
- Use of organic waste from the restaurant to feed our ducks and chickens.

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Impact and actions, the path that makes us a competitive regenerative hotel.
The actions of Pula Golf Resort are aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact. And they are focused on consolidating an ethical, transparent and responsible management, being a reference in the transformation towards a sustainable tourism model, which contributes to the needs of the planet and to the economic and social development of our destination.


Employees: Promotion of equal opportunities.

Community: Investment in training and career support for young people. Continue using the potential of the hotel and golf course to continue hosting children and families and continue the work and collection through trophies to help those most in need.

Territory: Commitment to the territory in which we impact in an Active, Positive and Regenerative way. Contribution of our grain of sand to deal with the situation arising from the pandemic in Son Severa.


Climate Change: Fight against climate change as the core of strategic planning.

Energy and water: Increase and improve production with green energy with on-site installations, renewable energy sources and water optimization.

Waste and circular economy: Work with suppliers to create opportunities and synergies.


Clients: Provide a unique experience and an innovative offer and involve clients in our sustainable and responsible projects.

Suppliers: Establish an effective dialogue with suppliers to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. Continue increasing the social and environmental criteria in the selection of partners.

Alliances: Promote long-term alliances with other organizations (companies, Public Administration, non-profit, multilateral organisations, etc).

Awards and certifications

  • Alcanzia 100% Green Energy

    Alcanzia 100% Green Energy

    Committed to renewable energies, with the aim of ensuring that all the energy consumed is green. It has the Guarantees of Origin provided by the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC).

  • La Buena Huella

    La Buena Huella

    They help to align the activity of individuals, entities or public administrations with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Agency 2030. They design and implement Sustainable Development and Social Innovation projects with measurable and positive impact.

  • Certificación Ecolabel

    Certificación Ecolabel

    The European Ecolabel is an important part of the EU's policy of voluntary instruments to help businesses and consumers improve their environmental performance.

  • Duni Group

    Duni Group

    Supplier of sustainable based materials, committed to operating in the most ethical and responsible manner. Regular audits to ensure that sustainability values, own code of ethics and all relevant European regulations are observed.

  • Keymark Heat Pumps Certification

    Keymark Heat Pumps Certification

    This certificate proves that the aerothermal system complies with all EU requirements and that it is renewable energy.



  • The Global Compact

    The Global Compact

    We support the global compact

  • Agenda 2030

    Agenda 2030

  • Hotel commitment

    Hotel commitment

    Competitive regenerative 2022