Route through Mallorca lighthouses
Route through Mallorca lighthouses
Discover the Mallorca lighthouses and come to know the most amazing landscapes of the Balearic Islands. The definitive route through the most spectacular lighthouses of Mallorca
The largest island of the Balearic Islands offers endless possibilities to enjoy the Mediterranean. The lighthouses of Mallorca, whose main function is to signal the coast, are also a tourist attraction and a point of interest for many people who come to them with great admiration to contemplate the most magical and maritime image of the island. Discover the solitary lighthouses of Mallorca and come to know the most amazing landscapes of Spain.

Perfectly mixed with the natural landscapes of the island, the lighthouses of Mallorca aim to guide sailors and fishermen, although they have also become a major tourist attraction. Pula Golf Resort, located very close to some of them, is the ideal accommodation and starting point to delve into this route that, without a doubt, you will love for its contrast between sea and mountains.

Six lighthouses in Mallorca that you cannot

Although Mallorca island is dotted with lighthouses, some stand out above the rest due to their beauty and historical value, as well as the landscape and sunsets that surround them. These are the most spectacular:

Porto Pi Lighthouse
In front of Palma de Mallorca Port stands this lighthouse, declared a Historic-Artistic Monument in 1983. The Porto Pí Lighthouse is the most outstanding historically, as it is the second oldest in Spain and one of the oldest in the world, since 1617 it is still in operation. It houses a museum where you can see a collection of Spanish lighthouses, as well as various pieces of lighting and maritime signaling.

Capdepera lighthouse
The Capdepera Lighthouse is one of the most popular on the island and is located in the easternmost part, just 20 minutes from Pula Golf Resort. It is considered one of the best to see the sunrise, and, in case you didn't know, it is present in one of the best-known songs of the singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat: “I prefer the roads to the borders and a butterfly to the Rockefeller Center and the lighthouse keeper from Capdepera to the watchman of the West”. It has been operating since 1861 and is easily accessible by car, which will allow you to reach the area without difficulty from the hotel.

Figuera cove Lighthouse
It is another of the most spectacular and beautiful lighthouses in Mallorca. Although it can only be accessed on foot along the coast, along a route of approximately one hour from Portal Vells cove, upon arrival you will discover the reason why it is so interesting: its location. If you want to get the best views, you will have to approach the remains of the old defensive tower dating from the 16th century.

Cap Blanc Lighthouse
Inaugurated in 1863 and designed by the engineer Emili Pou, the Cap Blanc Lighthouse is one of the best located, in an area of ​​outstanding cliffs, being one of the most interesting for tourists. From there you can see some of the best sunsets in Mallorca, and you can complete the visit by skirting the cliffs that reach Pi cove.

Portocolom Lighthouse
The Portocolom Lighthouse, also designed by Emili Pou, is located at one end of the characteristic bay of Colon Port, 40 minutes from Pula Golf Resort. The lighthouse stands out for having a centuries-old optic from the Tramuntana Lighthouse and for being framed in a highly relevant historical context: the German invasion of the lighthouse on November 6, 1937 during the Spanish Civil War.

Formentor Lighthouse
On the definitive route through the lighthouses of Mallorca, this is another one that best represents the six most spectacular. Located in the extreme north of the island, on the Formentor peninsula, the path you have to follow to get there is one of contrasts, as you will find yourself surrounded by beaches, mountains and unparalleled landscapes that, we assure you, you will not be able to erase. of your mind.

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