Charming villages
Charming villages

Did you know that Mallorca boasts some of the prettiest villages in the country? The combination of sea and mountains gives many Mallorcan villages a beauty and charm all of their own. Here at Pula Golf Resort we want to show you some of the charming villages close to our locality of Son Servera. Like this, when you take a break from playing golf you won't need to go far from the hotel to find some of the most magical villages on the island.


Just 15 minutes' drive from Son Servera and Pula Golf Resort is the village of Capdepera, famous for its beautiful architecture and the mediaeval walls that surround it. If you decide to visit this attractive inland village, don't miss the church of Sant Joan and the 14th century castle. The views from the highest point are simply wonderful.

Capdepera remains a relative backwater for most visitors to the island, which is why we can assure you of a good time and no crowds in this pretty, historic locality.


Another village you must visit is Pollensa. A unique place on Mallorca - you only have to listen to the inhabitants, who speak a dialect of their very own. Right in the north, Pollensa is a small municipality of narrow streets winding around the main square, filled with cafés, restaurants, bars and tourist attractions. And just a few kilometres away is Port de Pollensa, certainly the perfect place for a stroll beside the sea in the evening.

In the middle of the 20th century the village of Pollensa became a favourite with artists, writers and musicians who settled here, captivated by the beauty of the area. This bohemian atmosphere and art scene remain alive to this day.


If you want to enjoy a natural setting and discover Mallorcan traditions for yourself, Artià is the ideal place to do it. Just 10 minutes' drive from Pula Golf Resort. This village is famous for its heritage, its traditions, modernity and respect for nature, which are part of the place's history and culture. In the north-east of the island, covering an area of 140 square kilometres including 25 kilometres of coast, the municipality is still largely unspoilt. This is why the locality is committed to an environment-friendly model of tourism, boasting a marine reserve and a nature park.


Finally, at the north-eastern end of the island lies Alcúdia, one of the most fascinating landscapes of Mallorca. In this unique place you can find some wonderful history, legends and traditions that only serve to underline its beauty. Alcúdia is without a doubt a must-see for all lovers of nature and landscape, still deeply rooted in its origins.

Discover all that Mallorca has to offer and visit our charming villages within easy reach of Son Servera. Here at Pula Golf Resort we recommend the best routes to discover the most attractive villages in our area and immerse yourself in the island's culture.

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